Beardsley Jones. Clothing and accessories designer. Country raised, Toronto living.

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Today, we’re celebrating one of America’s most influential naturalists and conservationists.

Happy John Muir Day —

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This makes me the #worldsbiggestflirt #travelmore #traveler # globetrotter #liveyourlife

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I’ll have something coming soon. I’ll let you know when I’ve got something to show. 

I quit my job at the tailoring shop a couple weeks ago and thanks to some careful saving, I’ve been able to take a couple weeks off to myself.

Now comes the hard part. I’m going to finally get going with my lines. They’ll be all basics to start. Tee shirts, hats, accessories etc.
I’ll be building myself 3 new websites between now and the new year to facilitate everything I’ve got going on. This site, Beardsley Jones, is going to be a more lifestyle/ clothing/ tips and tricks blog and store.

I’m really looking forward to this. If this blog seems to slow down, it’s only because I’m working.



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