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Big sky.

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Driveway 2.

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Some early morning pics of my farm today. Nice long driveway shot.

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Hanging with the boys at blue.

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Jaime Lyn Beatty 


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Indigo Shawl

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I bought a map of South America in 1776, on the 4th of July no less. Almost none of the current countries are on here, so I had to draw my route as best I could judging by peninsulas and rivers. I’m gonna frame this guy when I’m done. @industryofallnations #oregontopatagonia #oldmaps


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Amah Ayivi, Marche Noir, Ghetto Style

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 Vintage paradise

Tonight, I’ll be at the farm with my family enjoying a beautiful evening hiking trails with loved ones and the pup, followed by a steak dinner and copious amounts of wine.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Blue Mountain for one last big session with the whole DH crew. Old dogs, new members and good buddies. Followed by buds and suds at the local pub. Can’t get much better than that.

Monday, I’ll be designing for my company followed by the trampoline dodgeball league night (yes, trampoline dodgeball is a real thing).

Tuesday is dinner with LRAA. That is to say dinner with the Land Rover Adventure Association. Hopefully they’ll give me some tips and tricks about buying and restoring an old Defender.

Wednesday, more mountain bike adventures. All day long.

Thursday, drinks with friends.

Friday and Saturday, hosting dinner parties.

Sunday, I’ll probably be dead, but I’ll have a huge smile on my face.